Department of Visual Art
The department offers three comprehensive visual arts programmes that cater to industrial needs.
Department of Computing
The Department offers many diploma, degree and postgraduate programmes that cater to industrial needs.
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Posted on 16 Aug 2017
Opening soon!!!

Opening Soon!! Opening Soon!!

Posted on 07 May 2017
Opening Soon!! Opening Soon!!

  • Good facilities, nice environment and great lecturers... your dream starts at home and the journey starts at Unisel.
    Mohd Fauzi Adnan,
  • In Unisel, we already practice as in the industry and have gained experiences about many things before any company take us as an employee
    Ameen Shah Rohanan,
  • Everything about Unisel is special. If they want to know more, come and experience it on their own. The all-English courses, with addition to well-experienced lecturers in their own unique way of teaching specific subject make everything special and memorable.
    Muhammad Ariff Abu Zarin,
  • Without lecturers, I'm zero. They¬†are very good and brilliant. They keep me strong, trained me to speak English in public and always conduct exercises to improve ourselves. Thank God for this plan to me. Love you lecturers.
    Luqman Hakeem Abd Zarin,